ic! berlin


    Founded in 1996, ic! berlin makes the finest, hand-made eyewear for people who dare to see the world through their own eyes.

    Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, our more than 180 craftsmen, engineers, and technicians design, build, and market our original eyewear designs across 60 countries worldwide. Each and every ic! berlin frame features a patented interlocking, screwless hinge system that we combine with stainless steel, titanium, synthetic, and natural materials to create a robust, lightweight eyewear design. ic! berlin eyewear is designed with passion, produced with technical precision, and hand-crafted with love – all made in Germany.


    在德國設計及製造的ic! berlin,於1996年於柏林創立,以首創的「無螺絲三叉式」鏡腳,配以極輕、低敏的「薄紙鋼金屬」鏡架,加上前衛、創新、俐落的設計而屢獲殊榮。ic! berlin的眼鏡被稱為眼鏡界中的精品,開創「無螺絲、無彈簧、無焊接」鏡架的成功典範,吸引了不同界別的人士配戴,當中包括設計界、時尚界及企業人士,是亞洲國家中最暢銷的設計師眼鏡品牌之一。