FOUR NINES (999.9)


    The name of our brand, 999.9 (Four Nines) is originated from the quality indication of pure gold. The word 999.9 engraved on the ingot of pure gold has the meaning of supreme purity in its quality.

    Identically, we Four Nines at all time pursue at a supreme purity in its quality through continual efforts and attempts, aiming for a 1000. Therefore, we Four Nines will continuously progress for a new possibility and will attempt to provide eyeglasses frames at the highest level of quality.


    999.9,讀作「Four Nines」的日本眼鏡品牌,名字靈感來自於黃金的純度,於1995年由四位有著豐富眼鏡業背景的專業製鏡師在東京創立。999.9留下那0.1的進步空間則代表品牌對完美的眼鏡永遠有所追求,而這也和日本人對完美近乎苛求的民族性不謀而合。每一次的設計都希望找出那0.1的微小不完美努力追求,才能成就日本人公認「第一眼鏡品牌」的極致工藝。