Hong Kong International Optical Fair

Making its debut at the Hong Kong International Optical Fair in 2004, VOS (Visionaries of Style) has become a must-see attraction at the fair, held annually in November. VOS is a designer brand pavilion that showcases eyewear designers who create eyepieces that display a high level of design, innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship. It continues to be a special and magical space that provides opportunities for showcasing new ideas, unveiling trends and directions, and building business relationships.

VOS@Hong Kong 2019

VOS@Hong Kong 2018

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VOS@Hong Kong 2016

VOS@Hong Kong 2015

VOS@Hong Kong 2014


Tokyo Japan

VOS Tokyo Eyewear Show is once again a Magazine x Exhibition collaboration. Co- organized by Japanese leading publishing company Neko Publishing Co., Ltd (publisher of V.MAGAZINE Japan edition) and V.MAGAZINE, VOS Tokyo Eyewear Show is held every year in April since 2016. The show converges not only local Japanese eyewear brands but also brands from oversea. Brands come together to showcase latest eyewear trend of Spring at TRUNK HOTEL, a popular boutique hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo. The impressively cool look of TRUNK HOTEL just exactly echoes the modern exhibition style of VOS.

VOS@Tokyo 2019

VOS@Tokyo 2018

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