Tidou 於 2014 年創立,以極簡創新為設計理念,設計師將常見的背包扣轉化為鉸鏈的元素,並不需要一口螺絲和焊接工序便可輕易將前框和鏡臂組裝一起,鉸鏈結構的外觀更成為品牌及每副眼鏡獨特的標誌。Tidou 眼鏡的主要物料為輕巧柔韌的 β- 鈦金屬,令配戴者感到輕盈及舒適。Tidou 於 2020 年獲得了日本 Good Design Award 2020,其後更獲德國的 IF Design Award 2022 和 German Award Design 2023 的獎項,設計得到了國際肯定。

    Tidou was founded in 2014, and its design philosophy has consistently been rooted in extreme simplicity and innovation. Designers transformed the common backpack buckle into a hinge element, allowing for easy assembly of the front frame and temple  without the need for screws or welding processes. The hinged structure’s appearance has become the distinctive signature of the brand and each pair of glasses. The primary material used for Tidou glasses is lightweight and flexible beta-titanium metal, providing wearers with a sense of lightness and comfort. In 2020, Tidou received the Japan Good Design Award 2020. After, Tidou also received awards from Germany, including the IF Design Award 2022 and the German Award Design 2023, receiving international recognition for its designs.