SPECTAFUL 是一個結構化的知識和經驗網絡,致力於通過具體和可衡量的創新方式來進行設計。我們對工作充滿熱情,相信憑著智慧可以實現任何工程目標。我們設計、製造和分銷 SPECTAFUL 眼鏡。所有的製造過程均在意大利卡多雷地區完成,除了日本鈦,均選用來自意大利的材料。SPECTAFUL 系列結合金屬和首次應用於眼鏡領域的耐用高科技聚合物。

    We focus on technological innovation to design new mechanisms for visual comfort.
    Materials fascinate us: we research, study and test them.
    We experiment with new processes to achieve new technical solutions that offer a constantly innovative product. We plan, design and make our products in Italy, using materials of Italian origin.

    SPECTAFUL is a structured network of knowledge and experience that works to solve problems by bringing concrete and measurable innovation. We have a great passion for our work, we believe in cleverness and in the possibility of reaching any engineering goal.
    We design, manufacture and distribute SPECTAFUL eyewear. All the manufacturing processes are carried out in Italy, in the Cadore district, using Italian materials with the
    exception of Japanese titanium. The Spectaful models combine metal with durable Technopolymer, USED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE FIELD OF EYEWEAR.