2023 年標誌著 Lafont 成立 100 週年!開創了一段 100 年的家族歷史以及從巴黎精品店到世界知名品牌的獨特軌跡。Lafont 的故事始於 1923 年 Louis Lafont 在巴黎開設精品眼鏡店。Laurence Lafont 和 Philippe Lafont 在 80 年代推出了讓品牌攀上高峰的經典型號 GENIE。如今,第四代傳人 Thomas 和 Matthieu 帶領此富有獨特性的品牌,並致力於生態責任。

    Lafont 眼鏡充滿浪漫的巴黎風格和繽紛的色彩,鮮明出眾的顏色和圖案與不同風格的輪廓碰撞,形成獨特而優雅的設計。品牌巧妙地將傳統與時尚相結合,靈活運用手工工藝與當代製鏡技術,彰顯深厚的眼鏡專業知識與法國製造的優良品質。

    2023 marks the 100th Anniversary of Lafont! 100 years of family history and a unique trajectory from a Parisian boutique to a world-renowned Maison.

    Lafont’s story begins with Louis Lafont in 1923 and the opening of his optical boutique at 11 rue Vignon Paris. The Maison took a pivotal turn in the 1980’s with Laurence and Philippe Lafont introducing their iconic frame – GENIE. Today Thomas and Matthieu fourth generation the of Lafont family, head Maison Lafont, where independence remains a pillar of the brand. Together they are committed to the future ensuring eco-responsibility in their products and services.


    Lafont is full of color and Parisian style. Signature colors and patterns are combined with seasonal shading forming unique and exclusive designs. Evidence of the authenticity of French eyewear expertise and French manufacturing found in the unique combination of artisanal craftsmanship and technology that is fundamental to the House.