Aritaum 自 2015 年創立以來,始終以輕盈、色彩鮮明為設計核心,致力於打造高品質、時尚獨特的潮流鏡架。Aritaum 通過獨特的色彩設計,讓每一款產品都煥發出獨特的魅力。色彩上既有明亮的、充滿活力的螢光色系,也有低調優雅的莫蘭迪色系,每一種色彩都經過精心挑選和搭配,使鏡架在滿足舒適佩戴的同時,更具有時尚感。品牌的漸變鈦系列,以純鈦為骨架,以色彩為靈魂,為配戴者打造獨一無二的視覺盛宴。

    Since its establishment in 2015, Aritaum has always focused on lightness and vibrant colors as its design core, striving to create high-quality and uniquely fashionable eyewear. Through unique color designs, Aritaum infuses each product with distinctive charm. The colors range from bright and vibrant fluorescent hues to understated and elegant mauve shades. Every color is carefully selected and coordinated, ensuring that the frames not only provide comfortable wear but also exude a sense of fashion. The brand’s gradient titanium series, built with pure titanium frames and infused with color as its soul, creates a unique visual feast for the wearers.