Solos 正在以人為本的方式開發世界上最先進的智能眼鏡技術。Solos 誕生於 Kopin Corporation  (納斯達克股票代碼:KOPN),與麻省理工學院的工程師們合作,將行業領先的可穿戴電子產品與傳統眼鏡的舒適和時尚相結合。憑藉 100 多項專利和專利申請的知識產權組合,4 次獲得 CES 創新獎的 AirGo 技術正在改變我們與世界的互動方式。欲了解更多信息,請遊覽我們網站

    Solos is developing the world’s most advanced smart glasses technology with a human-first approach. Born out of Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) with MIT engineers, Solos combines industry leading wearable electronics with the comfort and style of traditional eyewear. With an IP portfolio of over 100 patents and patent applications, the 4x CES Innovation award-winning AirGo technology is changing how we interact with the world. For more information, please visit our website .