MOSCOT 是美國元祖級的家族式眼鏡老牌,代代相傳,現時由第4代首席執行官 Dr. Harvey Moscot 與第 5 代首席設計師 Zack Moscot 接手,在保留品牌傳統與經典氣息的同時,積極為品牌創造全新未來。在幾代人的努力與堅持下,品牌將手工製鏡的技藝不斷磨練,在風格上透露濃濃的美式風情,復古與現代融合,交織出精彩的原創眼鏡設計。

    MOSCOT, a brand that has been passed down through five generations, embodys the cohesive force of a family and the tradition of eyewear craftsmanship. Currently led by the fourth-generation CEO, Dr. Harvey Moscot, and the fifth-generation Chief Designer, Zack Moscot, the brand continues to uphold its traditional values while actively creating a new future. Through the dedication and perseverance of several generations, the brand has continuously honed the craftsmanship of handmade eyewear. Its style exudes a strong American aesthetic, blending vintage and modern elements to create captivating original eyewear designs.