Accrue is meta-communication striving for perfection, with prudence to show the best of you. Accrue shows ourselves as we live uniquely in the present, with contemporary sensibilities instead of following the trend. Accrue is the most chic of eyewear designs, seeking inspiration through the reinterpretation of modern literature, movies, fashion, & art. Just like the subtitle of Accrue ‘Wear Inspired’, we expand variety of different topics on every season for customers to wear Accrue and be inspired constantly with visuals they perceive in their life.
    Gathered with people from various fields such as independent curator, space designer, perfumer, eyewear designer, is presenting Accrue Eyewear starting from 2017. Accrue reinterprets motifs inspired by the romantic code such as fine arts, literature, film, fashion, design and pop art to create a familiar, but new stylish eyewear in Accrue’s unique sense.