VYCOZ 是來自韓國的眼鏡品牌,以獨立方式創造功能性眼鏡。VYCOZ 致力讓眼鏡回歸本源美學,追求合理的基本價值觀。VYCOZ 選用穩定且耐用的物料製鏡,並且在設計中融入專利鉸鏈,為用家帶來的完美貼合感。VYCOZ 眼鏡呈現簡潔自然、充滿現代美感的輪廓,散發純淨之美,當中又包含了專業的結構計算和精湛工藝。

    VYCOZ origins itself from the expression, ‘by KOREA’
    VYCOZ creates functional eyewear in an independent way. It is a brand that is faithful to its essence and pursues reasonable fundamental values. The material has been proven to be stable and durable. The ideal fit that comes from the patented hinge. A concise and natural silhouette that provides beauty with purity. It provides a modern frame that combines professional engineering and craftsmanship.