Founded in 1999, MUSTbygrafix continues a centuries-long tradition of glasses manufacturing in Germany, a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. Extended by the Germany automobile heavy industry to light-weight eyewear using superior laser cutting, resistance welding systems with hydraulic motions and other technology to achieve the highest quality ever for each pair of eyewear – in fit and style.


    MUSTbygrafix 創立於1999年,繼承了德國數百年的傳統眼鏡製造工業,將傳統工藝與創新技術完美融合。MUST by Grafix的所有鏡架都選用輕巧耐用的0.8mm薄β-鈦金屬片製成,重量只約有9克,讓戴眼鏡時感覺輕盈舒適。以激光切割,三重打磨及最先進的塗層技術− PVD coating (真空陽極氧化電導)打造鏡框,色彩豐富,多達百多個顏色組合,確保每副眼的質量達致絕對舒適與時尚兼備。