MOREL 是一家法國獨立眼鏡製造商,由 Jules Morel 於 1880 年在法國眼鏡之都汝拉地區創立。作為一家家族企業,該品牌目前由 Morel 家族的第四代傳人領導,致力於運用他們的專業知識,創造更多標誌性眼鏡,並分銷至全球各地。
    這個經過四代傳承的品牌秉持百年創業理念,就是要對創新、創作自由和傳統工藝抱有常存的熱情,品牌也承載了代代掌舵人對眼鏡難以言喻的熱愛,如今他們將這份熱誠傾注在眼鏡的創作之上,打造出眾多風格多元,由日常基礎至強烈風格俱全的款式。MOREL 如今躋身全球最受歡迎的法國眼鏡製造商之列,其業務遍及全球 90 多個國家。

    MOREL is an independent French eyewear manufacturer founded in 1880 by Jules Morel in the Jura region, the heartland of eyewear in France. As a family-owned business, the brand is currently led by the 4th generation of the Morel family, dedicating their expertise to the creation and global distribution of iconic eyeglasses.
    From one generation to the next, their passion for eyewear continues to flourish through collections that feature strong and complementary styles. This is largely achieved by upholding their century-old values: a passion for innovation, creative freedom, and historical craftsmanship. This strong heritage positions the brand today among the favorite French eyewear manufacturers globally, as evidenced by their presence in over 90 countries internationally.