Mad in Italy 是一個獨立的意大利設計品牌,成立已有十多年的歷史,但最近進行了全面的改革,包括全新團隊、新logo以及更具現代風格的品牌形象,但一如既往地在意大利製造,注重品質、輕巧和色彩。憑藉其豐富經驗,Mad in Italy在眼鏡行業有著穩固的地位,並且不斷發展。
    Mad in Italy 的瘋狂調性激發出源源不絕的創造力,這也是意大利基因中的一部分。在我們的鏡框中,色彩、技術和材料以創意的方式融合在一起。「瘋狂」個性是品牌的核心精神,但從不過分張揚。

    Mad in Italy is an independent Italian design brand, that has been around for over a decade, but has recently been completely restyled. New team, new logo and more modern brand identity but as always manufactured in Italy with particular focus on quality, lightness and color. Thanks to its long experience, they are a point of reference in the industry, maintaining its position over time and constantly evolving.
    Mad in Italy’s madness stimulates creativity, present in Italy’s DNA. In our frames color, technology and materials are merged in a creative way. Madness is a key distinguishing factor without ever being extravagant.