G7: Blackfin Symbol of Italian Excellence

In conjunction with the G7 Summit, currently being held in the splendid setting of Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, Italy not only welcomes the heads of state and government but also showcases authentic Made in Italy products through exclusive gifts for the distinguished guests. Outstanding among these is Blackfin, chosen as one of the symbols of Italian excellence.

This is the second time Blackfin, the brand of choice in titanium eyewear, has been selected to represent Italy’s extensive know-how in such a prestigious context. In 2009, Blackfin eyewear was donated to the heads of state and government that met in L’Aquila for the G8.

Members of the G7 received a pair of Blackfin titanium sunglasses, customized with a personal engraving and the event logo. With the international spotlights trained on this extremely important event, Italian style shines before the eyes of the world. Blackfin not only symbolizes innovation and quality but above all, represents the deeply ingrained ties to the authentic values of its local and national heritage. This is a moment in which the spirit of Italy glows with pride.

Scroll down to see which five styles are selected for the heads of the G7 countries.







The bold profiles is accentuated by a special laser-engraving technique that lightens the frame and creates texture along the lowered front. Horizon is distinguished by its sculpted square shape, reminiscent of the contours at the origin of Blackfin eyewear.

▲ 型號:Liberty
Liberty is graced with soft, slightly elongated lines, a modern version of the classic cat-eye. The color palette alternates black with shades like dark green, blue, burgundy and mud, paired with solid-color or gradient lenses.

Mavericks showcases a more unconventional aviator style, with a flatter frame shape that also features a subtle cat-eye effect, making it both fashionable and stylish. The black frame paired with a light champagne-colored lens creates a striking contrast that effortlessly elevates the wearer’s look. Available with the innovative AirGlass lenses by Barberini, to ensure a superior visual experience and unequaled optical quality.

Both Tahoe and Mavericks are part of the Blackfin Pacific series, with a shared focus on a lightweight, visual aesthetic. The Tahoe’s circular front profile appears delicate, while the actual frame thickness adds substantial presence. The pale gradient blue and gradient green lens options are perfectly suited for summer use, and when combined with the glossy metal accents, they create a refreshingly cool and breezy impression.

Harlem is a frame that exudes a quintessentially British aesthetic, suitable for both men and women. Harlem features a bold, substantial design, while the bridge showcases the classic keyhole silhouette, adding an air of sophistication. This model also embodies the brand’s exceptional technical details – like the patented temples that allow adjustment of the pantoscopic angle for a perfect fit, and the one-piece hinge that facilitates easy lens mounting.

Website: https://www.blackfin.eu/
IG: @blackfineyewear