Maui Jim Unveils The New “Color You Can Feel” Advertising Campaign Featuring Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador Mika Hashizume

Mika Hashizume, the embodiment of Maui Jim’s contemporary coolness, takes center stage as Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador in the new advertising campaign, “Color You Can Feel”, released alongside the launch of Collection ‘Ekahi, the first collection designed and produced by Kering Eyewear. This marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s strategy to refresh its image and expand its global reach, captivating a new, younger consumer base, while resonating with an international audience. Inspired by an appreciation of light and color, Maui Jim’s focus on innovation finds its utmost expression in its prescription technology and the proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology featured in every lens to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays and elevate the wearer’s visual experience.

The campaign takes viewers on an immersive adventure through color, beauty, and emotion, showcasing a vibrant series of portraits that transcend the ordinary and capture the connection between sight and feelings when wearing a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. The unveiling promises an unparalleled experience for the eyes, celebrating the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual enhancement.

Mika Hashizume stars as the new face of Maui Jim’s contemporary style and refreshed image in three visuals and a video interview. Born and raised in Hawaii, he reached international acclaim in 2021 when he was a contestant in the reality survival show Chuang 2021. He went on to become one of the top members of the idol boy band INTO1, which he left in April 2023 to start his new career as a solo artist. The singer conveys his enthusiasm, stating, “Being chosen as Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Maui Jim’s new ‘Color You Can Feel’ campaign is such a great accomplishment. It represents an opportunity to reconnect to my Hawaiian roots. Through Maui Jim lenses I relive the sunshine, the beaches, and peaceful moments of my childhood.”

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