Aqua Liberty, Adding A Modern Flavor to The Eyewear

AQ (Aqua Liberty) is a new name emerging in 2022. As the name suggests, it has a soft temperament like water, and exudes a simple and refreshing style. As a new line of the famous Japanese eyewear group CHARMANT, AQ aims at producing eyewear in high quality and high comfort level, and has attracted the attention of eyewear lovers with its excellent Japanese production technology and design. The new series features titanium frame matched with acetate components, donning warm colors and stylish shapes, and resulting in eyeglasses with Japanese fresh vibe and a touch of modern flavor.

Fresh Color AQ22533-GN
Round shape frame style AQ22533-GN attracts attention from every angle. The front is designed with a neat composite structure that the titanium rim is hidden in the clear apple green acetate to increase layering effect. The tone-on-tone end-tips provide contemporary appeal on the overall look.


Contemporary shape AQ22526-GR
The polygonal frame shape AQ22526-GR is the best choice for girls with small faces. A clear lavender rim is added on the outer edge of the titanium ring, adding a layering flavor on top of contemporary style.  Incorporated with light and elastic β-titanium temples, bringing you a weightless feeling. It is very suitable to match with everyday wears.


Refined Detail AQ22534-NV
The soft square frame AQ22534-NV is made of light titanium and thin acetate plate, which enhances the three-dimensional effect and brings out an elegant and refined impression. The blue acetate front matched with slim and neat titanium temples, which improves the overall visual texture. The wider end-tips disperse pressure on the back of the ear.  Every detail is handled precisely, the combination of “ergonomic design” and “balance weight” brings the supreme comfort of eyewear, which is very suitable for everyday wearing. 


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Credit Vectors by Vecteezy