EYEVAN And EYEVAN 7285 2022AW Eyewear Collection | Classic And Modern

The design inspiration of EYEVAN’s latest 2022AW collection is based on the American vintage frames made in the 1920s, rebuilding the authentic EYEVAN and evolving the classic vibes. While in EYEVAN 7285’s new design, we can observe the integration of subtle metal ornaments, adding modern new thoughts and industrial elements into classic shapes. In the last article, we introduced to you Orbit and Peg from EYEVAN and 182, 184 and 645 from EYEVAN 7285, in this article, you will be introduced to other finely crafted eyepiece.

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EYEVAN | Beaufort
New version of “Vincent”, released in 2021AW. A combination frame fixing the plastic frame front from the backside by 1.8mm x 0.8mm β-titanium rims designed to be lightweight. The front design is redesigned in a new panto shape based on EYEVAN’s archive “DD-22”. The bridge which matches the temple design inspired by details such as classical guitars and old folk instruments combines beautifully curved parts which 30’s metal frames have, which is newly developed.

A metal frame inspired by a full-view type American vintage from a 1930s catalogue inherited from the original design team, with a beautifully engraved, characteristic closing block under the bridge. The bridge has a milled with restrained patterns, while from the end piece to the temple, hand-carved patterns are placed on the top and sides by craftsmen to match the voluminous shape, creating a design with a sense of EYEVAN. The front shape embodies the ultimate panto shape, which EYEVAN considers to be the most beautiful of the moment.

EYEVAN 7285 | 185
Classic lens shapes sampled from vintage catalogues from three or four century ago are daringly combined with modern metal frames. Three-dimensional design of the joints from the front to the temples is distinctive. The flexible B-titanium temples with slip resistance inside of temple end are functional. 2-base curved CR39 lenses are used for the sunglasses.

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