Check Out the New Collection of LineArt Charmant: Contemporary Beauty and Superior Comfort

LineArt CHARMANT is premium eyewear for sophisticated women who want to look beautiful while enjoying unheard of comfort. The collection’s intricate and lovely temples and unique frame lightness are brought about by Japanese innovation, superior titanium materials and ergonomic features such as preadjusted comfort end tips and adaptive nose pads.

The New Collection
Surprisingly weightless and exceedingly comfortable, these new Line Art frames take their lead from the elegance of nature and dance. Edgy and feline profiles are strikingly contemporary. The signature LineArt CHARMANT look is applied in elaborate and flexible Excellence Titan temples that feature intertwining lines in the Menuet design or 3-D in the Dolce design.

Dolce embraces and enhances the wearer’s femininity from every angle. This collection consists of only streamline temple and is three-dimensionally designed. Twin Excellent Titan filaments, forming a heart-shape on the hinge and elegantly flowing along to the end-tip, produce just a touch of romantic atmosphere.

Since Dolce is used as a musical term, the collection also conveys the sweetness and tenderness of the wearer. Also, like other collections, Dolce guarantees the same light flexibility and perfect fit, owing to Excellence Titan, CHARMANT’s exclusive material.


Interlacing temple lines are emphasised by rich 3-D colouring in this new Menuet style. The timeless half rim style with a subtly feline finishing. The Neo-2 hand-painted brow-line and glittering effect on temples deliver a striking impression.


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