Italian Brand Tour: Eyewear For Everyday

When it comes to daily wear, it is nothing more than comfort, simplicity, and ease, without stacking layers, not focusing on dazzling points, ignoring matching rules, but seeking to suit your own style. In those days when you don’t want to be over-dressed, putting on the most comfortable outfit and being yourself is the most pleasant moment. If you want to easily add a little bit difference to your daily outfit, in fact, a pair of glasses will do. A pair that is not too exaggerated, but still styled with personality and designed with high level of comfort, not only can enhance personal charisma, if selected properly, it can also play a role in beautifying face contour. Keep scrolling, you will see three Italian eyewear brands which are essential, easy-matching and fashionable for daily wear.

Brand: Aru Eyewear
The debut of ARU EYEWEAR, with its timeless style expressed through an essential line, made with soft colored acetates, extravagant and elegant, which blend in purism and dynamism shapes, giving life to the mood of the brand, idea, shape and color, which gives a touch of charm to the wearer. A dream that becomes reality, becomes glasses through a big heart. That heart worthy heir of the Italian tradition of fashion.

The brand launched a total of three lines as yet. The Flower line is Aru’s first creation mixing metal and acetate. The second is Street Style dedicated to the urban atmospheres of the most evocative and fascinating avenues of the world’s fashion capitals. The newly designed Precious Stone line is consisted of four top models created with fine acetates and processing techniques that enhance the lines and the different layers of color.

Precious stones line makes the sinuosity of the lines and modern versatility of colors, a creative trigger essential for people who love pleasure and like each other. Aru’s creativity and imagination is a tangible sign that we can also find in the other lines of the collection.

The Precious Stone line adopts tinted translucent acetate, reflecting charming light and shadow between light refraction.

This oversize square shape with unique translucent blue tones is suitable for most face shapes.

Brand: The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear
The names of the collections come from the bespoke tailoring industry. Their glasses are inspired by a deep-rooted appreciation of quality and craftsmanship, guaranteed by the expert artisans of Cadore, Italy. Their acetate frames are extremely lightweight and provided by Mazzucchelli Varese – a historical Italian company and global leader in the production of acetate frames. Lenses are also made in Italy to guarantee an incredible optical quality. Moreover, their collection consists of timeless accessories, mixing classic forms with a modern twist, represented by our elegant frames and refined lenses. The hinges of glasses resemble a bow-tie picked from a lot dating back to the 30’s and feature four screws – rather than the usual two – tightened by hand.

There are many series of the brand. This time we will introduce their sustainable collection and Ulster collection. Sustainable collection combines sustainability and craftsmanship in a green, classically designed collection entirely manufactured in Italy in complete respect of the environment. This Earth Bio and Eco Green Collections are made of bio acetate, a compound produced from cotton and wood-pulp fibers, 100% biodegradable and recyclable to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Ulster collection takes its name from one of the most fascinating coats of the classic male wardrobe. With their rounded shape, these glasses have an extremely light frame made in rhodium and 24 K gold. Featuring a simple and linear design, they are free of any decoration, making them perfect for creating a retro look.

The Sustainable collection are made of bio acetate which is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

The Ulster collection is made of 24K gold, giving a luxurious touch in simple and linear form.

Brand: West
West is a label under IOVES SPA, which is one of the oldest manufacturer of the Cadore Area, the Italian eyewear district. Founded in 1950, IOVES specializes in the production of eyewear made of Stainless Steel and Swiss Grilamid TR-90 ® (high-quality thermoplastic material). Apart from West, IOVES SPA also manufactures and distributes Amarcord.

West is distinguished for its essential design, its light eyewear and colorful frames. West is a modern brand made in Italy in line with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Amarcord is a new classic brand for women. Classic materials combined with a fresh design makes this brand stands out from the other classic brands. IOVES distributes its products in more than 50 countries all over the world through a mixed distribution of sales reps and distributors.

West also launches unisex styles, such as this tortoise shell frame designed with a keyhold nose bridge, which exudes a classic atmosphere.

Amarcord’s elegant and confident style makes women fascinating. This cat-eye shape is flattering with the acetate add-on on the top of the frame.