TVR® Arnel® Exclusive Bespoke Limited Edition

TVR® OPT Japan continues to inspire vintage eyewear collectors and enthusiasts with an extensive range of collections that are available in selected cities across the globe. For 2020, the brand is releasing a new limited edition — the TVR® Arnel® Exclusive Bespoke in cities-specific collections.

TVR® Arnel® is a special remake of the classic rounded horn-rim shape made famous by the legendary James Dean in his glory days. Using the Datum Expression Size method, the Arnel® shape or also known as the JD frame is usually patented using Japanese 4mm celluloid to accentuate the luster and shine of the material. Its slim profile also adds comfort and better fit. The updated iteration is meticulously crafted by hand by TVR®’s master craftsman in Sabae, Japan, Sawada-Yaemon.

To celebrate the overwhelming support and encouraging response from customers over the years, TVR® OPT will be offering this bespoke edition to the Asian region in new limited edition colours.

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