Charmant Z New Offerings For Sophisticated Men

CHARMANT Z is the only choice for men who insist on the best when it comes to eyewear. Each CHARMANT Z frame comes with a promise: a high-quality, high-comfort wearing experience that fuses contemporary fashion aesthetics with flawless technological performance. CHARMANT Z glasses are ergonomically supercharged with specially selected premium materials and functional features that put wearer wellbeing first.

Eight brand new models take CHARMANT Z to the next level. Anticipating diverse customer needs and lifestyles, our eyewear engineers have crafted an array of attractive frames with varying shapes, finishes and features.

ZT19887 Highly flexible temple design is boosted by a medley of components, like the titanium base, the textured elastomer bar and the luxurious silver ring.   This sophisticate style comes in black, brown, grey and white gold, essentially fit any appearance.


ZT19889 Searching for eyewear that pulls a style punch while delivering exceptional performance? Try this new frame from the exemplary CHARMANT Z line. Containing all of the premium functionality of this brand – light ergonomic fit and serious flexibility – this head-turner showcases a cool metal-plastic material mix, giving the bold, square rims a very contemporary feel. Ornate metallic temples and a smooth bridge add a note of luxury to this look.


ZT19893 Add a note of classic luxury to your style with this svelte metallic frame from the CHARMANT Z line. The semi-rimmed profile is accentuated by a trendy double bridge, accented end pieces and moulded temple grilles. This sleek design eyewear comes with all of the superior attributes you expect from a CHARMANT Z product: comfort, flexibility and lightness. Enjoy this model in black, grey and white gold.