OVVO Introduces Diamond-Like Carbon Technology

OVVO Optics has launched six new eyewear pieces utilizing innovative Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) nanotechnology. This breakthrough process is used in high-performance industries from auto racing to aeronautics – bringing the characteristics of nature’s rarest gemstones to wherever it’s applied.

By coating their own, high-performance Surgical Steel & Titanium composite frames with this amorphous film, OVVO has created an entirely new realm of possibilities in strength, lightness, scratch-resistance, and durability for eyewear.

DLC is lab-synthesized by decomposing hydrocarbon gases to stack individual atoms in a carbon film that is thinner than paper, harder than diamond, stronger than steel, and slicker than Teflon. The film consists of random alternations between cubic and hexagonal lattices, leaving no irregularities or fracture planes prone to weakness.

This collection of six new styles offers more than durability. OVVO’s signature design approach of contemporary aesthetics and minimalistic silhouettes is upheld in intricate, hand-crafted designs fit for sport and fashion. The coating of DLC gives these frames unique character in both finish and feel. The DLC Collection utilizes OVVO’s patented screwless hinge technology, which can withstand 90 pounds of pulling force and are lab tested to perform 300,000 rotations (comparable to 205 years of use) without fail.

Every frame is hand-assembled by expert technicians in over 85 steps of meticulous detail, ensuring the highest quality in every aspect. This new addition to the OVVO catalog reimagines the possibilities of modern eyewear. Bringing together patented technology, precision craftsmanship, and unmatched durability from a family-owned brand.