PHILIPPE V x Essilor: No Ordinary Sunwear

Philippe V, the brand whose purpose is to unite like-minded individuals behind the motto “The soul that sees beauty shall not walk alone”, continues to join forces with Essilor® Sun Solution™ on a quest to provide the ultimate all-rounded protection to beauty lovers worldwide. Philippe V has been teaming with Essilor Sun Solution on all models of the sun line as well as selected optical models since its inception in 2016. For 2019, Philippe V and Essilor® Sun Solution™ proudly announce the introduction of the NXT® VARIA™ lens in four selected titanium models. This will bring the revolutionary photochromic coloured-lens to the fashion community, providing its members full protection indoor and outdoor.

These lightweight organic lenses provide wearers optimal mineral clarity, high-impact resistance, chemical resistance, 100% UV and blue-ray protection. And these photochromic high-performance lenses allow fast darkening and fading according to light conditions which make them very convenient to use: every time, everywhere and in all conditions. The four entirely new titanium models are handmade in Japan from the finest titanium with details that make a difference.

The shapes include unique and universal Aviator, double-bridged rectangle, retro-style round and a restyled square. Additionally, it must be mentioned that the temple tips feature a black spinel (gem stone) at the end. It is said that spinel can help renew human energy and help people to regain vitality. This little powerful thing together with the high-performance lenses confirm again that Philipp V x Essilor Sun Solution set a perfect example of “No Ordinary Sunwear”.

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