Expore Store: G.B. Gafas

“Why not buy a pair of glasses if you go to Japan?” People always say that but they do have the point. As the global eyewear leader, there’re many eyewear stores in Japan. So why not seize the chance to take a close look to those exquisite made-in-Japan eyeglasses and enjoy the decent decoration of the shops? Amongst them, G.B. Gafas, which has four branches in Japan, is well-known amongst Japanese premium optical stores. Mr. TAICHI TAKENAKA, the founder of the company, felt that there were no fashionable glasses shops selling world-standard glasses in Japan, and then he started by himself at the age of 30. He founded “The Glasses” in Kyoto in 1994, and later in 1997, changed the name to G.B. Gafas and started everything again in Osaka introducing up and coming designer collection eyewear to respond to the diversifying needs of customers.

The origin of “G.B. Gafas” is the English slang “G. B = Goofball” fused with “Gafas” pointing to glasses in Spanish, and that means “addictive glasses”. That inspiration was gained by “illusion thought” in the movement of young people derived from counter culture in the West of the 1960s, which had a great influence on literature, art, music, and fashion as well. G.B. Gafas has the theme of mixing the culture reflecting that era, stimulating a boring market with eyewear with new values.

G.B. Gafas has 3 stores in Kansai region and 1 store in Tokyo. Each store are based around tree, white and antique furniture evoking a sense of warmness and tranquility. The source of materials inside G. B. Gafas is varied and interesting. For example, flooring materials of the Shibuya store are from old whiskey factory, various antique furniture such as medicine shelves were used in hospitals, old drafting table, chairs were used in American naval schools. Luminousness and colors are chosen according to the location of each store. The founder would like people to select wonderful eyeglasses slowly and in a nostalgic atmosphere, with a calm mind.

Half of the brands in G.B. Gafas are from Japan and the rest are from oversea. If you are a fan of Yellows Plus and tried to in vain to look for a model, you can come to G.B. Gafas. They have established a special partnership with the brand and that gives the reason for the inventory amount of stock in the store. They are one of the few shops that offer new arrival of Yellows Plus in the very first phase. In addition, G.B. Gafas also has two original brands “FISH & CHIPS” and “Trip”. Both are designed by Mr. Yamagishi who is a designer of Yellows Plus.

“Conservative eyeglasses shop in Japan has the fixed idea that the criterion to choose eyeglasses is the outline of the face. However, we suggest our customers that people’s lifestyle, identity, and favorite fashion taste are the important elements to choose excellent eyeglasses. That is the tips for choosing your own glasses.”

Recommendations By  Mr. TAICHI TAKENAKA


JULIUS TART OPTICAL has received much attention as revived as brand again in 2017. This season, we ordered for a special model. The color is a revival of “Demi-amber”. This is a popular color in the 60-70s and said to be vintage frame enthusiast’s long-awaited color. The frame is created with a front curve with 0 curve similar to the vintage model while the regular model’s curve is 2.


“ANGEL” garnered immense praise in eyewear shop of Europe. Panto shaped glasses crafted in titanium is beautified with delicate detailed work of the 1930s style which incarnates the shining technique of jewelry craftsman. In order to bring to our customers a different ANGEL, we asked for the brand for a special edition. The almost finished product is put inside a drum-like device and is subjected to damage processing resulting in a natural ageing feeling which is different from the normal antique processing.


FISH & CHIPS is a house label with the concept of reviving the eyewear look of the English gentlemen of the good old days. Products of this label pursue the highest level of perfection with the effort of exuding maturity and confidence. SADDLE BRIDGE is one of the most popular series adopting a classic round shape and the traditional saddle bridge. Delicate engraved patterns using hand-carved molds are followed from past models.