ZEROUNDICI has been launched back in 2016 by two entrepreneur brothers who share passion for design and fashion and a deep bond with the city from which everything is born: Turin. “What about creating our own brand? A young sunglasses and eyeglasses brand capable to convey the post-industrial roots of the city and its urban geometric looks and underground spaces”. Zeroundici’s tribute to a glorious past and a thriving future in the application of technique and know-how is the hexagonal bolt, a distinctive element for the brand standing also for the strong and indissoluble bond with own roots.


    ZEROUNDICI是2016年創立的眼鏡品牌,設計師將對意大利古城 – 都靈市的印象都投射在這個品牌的眼鏡設計之上,試圖將都靈的不同面貌,例如工業風文化、沉鬱靜謐的藝術氣息、市內林立的古典及巴洛克式建築等等,都一一轉化成設計靈感,於是呈現出一系列線條硬朗幹練、氣勢宏大,而且充滿空間感和立體感的另類時尚鏡作。