每一副 TAVAT 鏡框都是由最優秀的眼鏡工匠在義大利東北部製作的,這裡擁有悠久的歷史和傳統,也被視為「眼鏡的發源地」。Soupcan 系列是這個品牌最引人注目的系列之一,它融合了多種經典元素和現代設計風格,成為了一種真正獨特的風格。每一副 Soupcan 鏡框都是由工匠手工製作而成,擁有細膩的細節和質感。

    Each TAVAT frame is produced in small batches by some of the best eyewear artisans in the Northeast of Italy, an area famous for eyewear manufacturing. An area steeped in history and tradition, also considered as the “birthplace of eyewear”. The Soupcan series is one of the most innovative products from this brand, blending classic elements with modern design to create a truly unique style. Each Soupcan frame is handcrafted by artisans, featuring intricate details and a luxurious feel.