Every single pair of glasses from this singular brand are carefully manufactured in Japan using the finest construction materials available. Steady eyewear is characterised by an intelligent minimalism that is masterfully executed. The highly complicated and exclusive manufacturing processes that involved in making these glasses results in a classic line of lightweight, highly durable eyewear. One key aspect of Steady’s design is the unisex nature of all of their designs. The unisex element is part of the brand’s ethos and dedication to achieving balance and harmony in all of their designs. As a result, the brand has a charming element of androgyny which seems only to reinforce the timeless aspect which forms an integral part of Steady designs.

    Steady 這個創新的日本品牌將優雅的功能提升到一個新的水平。致力於在獨特風格和功能性之間取得完美的平衡,使品牌成為香港的熱門產品。每一副眼鏡都是採用日本最上乘材料,並於日本精心製造。

    Steady 眼鏡的特點是巧妙地實現了極簡主義。以高度複雜且專有的製造過程生產輕巧、高度耐用的經典眼鏡系列。 Steady 設計的一個關鍵是男女通用的特性,並致力於在其所有設計中實現平衡與和諧。因此,該品牌具有雌雄同體的迷人元素,也是在鞏固Steady設計中不可或缺的永恆元素。