自然與設計的結合﹣ 這就是FREDDIEWOOD!
    “製造純天然牛角眼鏡之複雜性” “材質的獨特魅力” “現代獨特設計”
    結合這三點, 是FREDDIE WOOD 一直以來的理念和宗旨。
    自古傳來的工藝配合 80 多個現代化的獨立生產方法以及每支水牛角獨一無二的紋理, 製造出每副舉世無雙的眼鏡,使每個配戴FREDDIE WOOD的人都散發出獨一無二的感覺。為了完美無暇的品質,所有  FREDDIE WOOD  的系列是在德國設計及開發並採用國際化的生產。每一副 FREDDIEWOOD 也是自然與美學的結晶!

    NATURE meets DESIGN – this is Freddie Wood!
    The sophistication of genuine natural horn eyewear frame, combining unique charisma with modern unique design, this is the goal, which Freddie Wood has set for them.
    Based on classic craftsmanship with modern methods with up to 80 separate operation s, unique eyewear frames are produced; each of them is as unique as the person who is going to wear it.
    For all our collections, we start our design and development in Germany, as well as worldwide productions in order to meet perfection in quality craftsmanship. Each single Freddie Wood is a piece of Art from Nature!