BCPC was launched in 1998, stands for Boston Club Pleasure Collection. Two female designers who love fashion, sports, art, and being unique do the design to suggest glasses as one of fashion items not just as a lame visual correcting tool that may mess up the outfit which all the ladies want to avoid. Being inspired by what they feel fun and think interesting in daily life, they design with a hope that BCPC frames could spice up the fashion, bright up and comfort everyday life of the owners with a wide range of frame styles and colors just like finding a little pleasure in life. They carefully choose color, not too vivid and not too dark but lively, that matches with most of skin tones. In October 2010, BCPC launched a new line, Style, with more simple design and natural colors, perfectly goes well with casual and relaxed style using celluloid material to give thinner line and surface to be different from regular line. In addition, nose pad is also designed originally by them that doesn’t touch eyelash. Lots of love and consideration are put into designs to offer the best and comfortable eyewear.