GÖTTI SWITZERLAND: Jary and Jody, Long lasting Titans

The masculine frames JARY and JODY are pure and straightfor- ward. Made from high-quality titanium, these two modern classics impress with their lightness, stability and durability. But behind the minimalist eyewear hides an elaborate production process.

The two new products have a clear design language and correspond to the purist style of Götti Switzerland. Striking, with corners and edges. The minimalists JARY and JODY are made of high-quality block titanium and are therefore extremely skin-friendly and corrosion-resistant. The frames impress with their delicate sophistication and understated presence, without losing any of their sturdiness. Processing at the highest quality level has a major influence here. Sin- ce the company was founded in 1998, Götti has entrusted its production to one of the most respected manufacturers in Japan. A friendship based on shared expertise and a passion for eyewear.

The eyewear parts are pressed out of titanium plates with up to seven individual pressing tools and a weight of 300 tons and shaped into the desired form. Whether it‘s the end piece or the outer contour: even the smallest curvature in the design is expressed with the highest precision. Numerous intermediate steps are still carried out traditionally by hand and with great sensitivity. This means that up to 250 work steps are required for each pair of glasses.

The glasses are then dyed in a high-quality process. JARY and JODY are available in black, dark brown or dark blue. The matt finish provides a subtle finishing touch to the two striking glasses – an authentic look for these durable titans.