GÖTTI New 3D Printed Sunwear: CORBO & CORI | A Fresh Breeze is Blowing

With the two sunglasses CORBO and CORI, we are ready for the summer – cool and elegant. The narrow and bold shapes bring a fresh breeze to the Gotti DIMENSION collection.

Finest polyamide powder is made into eyewear using additive manufacturing. From the sketch to the production by 3D printer to the final handcrafted finish, every step is done at the company‘s headquarters in Switzerland. And even though Wädenswil is located on the lake, the soft curves and shapes of the two sunglasses let us think about the waves of the ocean – they bring back that beach feeling! The perfect fit is rounded off by a silk-touch surface and convinces with a soft haptics. Even though the sunglasses are strong and bold, the lightweights are very comfortable to wear.

The new fashion highlights are perfectly complemented by the colors SAND, BLUSH and ASH. CORBO and CORI look either chic, elegant or cool – definitely the new must-haves for this summer.