Stefan Sagmeister x götti Switzerland Launched A Collaborative Project: FRIDA | Pay Homage to Legendary Artist Frida Kahlo

This iconic piece of eyewear – FRIDA is the result of the collaboration between Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and the Swiss Eyewear brand götti Switzerland. A limited edition frame inspired by Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows. Frida Kahlo is the most popular and legendary feminist artist in Mexico in the 20th century. Her images are still everywhere in Mexico’s souvenir shops today. She is among the few artists whose fame reached such heights that her features — like Salvador Dali’s mustache or Andy Warhol’s wig — morphed into a visual signifier, a logo, which is then transformed into a new product – FRIDA.

Stefan Sagmeister x götti Switzerland – FRIDA

▲ Left: Austrian graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister; Right: Mexican art queen Frida Kahlo, who was one of the strongest and most courageous women in art history. Her eyebrows are her famous signifier.

《Frida Kahlo with Olmec figurine》Photographed by Nickolas Muray in 1939 © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Lenses, temples and hinge mechanisms are designed in the most unobtrusive way, leaving behind just a single iconic brush stroke. The lenses are photochromatic and change the light absorption from indoor 12% to 85% at the sun. The lenses have 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays and an anti-reflective inner coating. It is a wearable piece of graphic art. The collaboration has created a limited and numbered edition of 300 pairs of glasses. Therefore, it is more than just a pair of glasses – it is an art object and collector’s item.

▲ Under normal indoor lighting conditions, FRIDA lenses will maintain a light tone.

▲ The photochromatic lense will automatically change to dark gray tones under strong outdoor sunlight.

▲ The special hinge designed by götti Switzerland brings a stable and comfortable wearing feeling. The number marked on the front frame end piece represents the production quantity.

▲ The wild and thick eyebrow design is in sharp contrast to the slim temple.

▲ Stefan Sagmeister created a graphic design for this collaborative project, depicting the scene of lush jungle, flowers and plants.

For more information about the brand and the project, please head over to website of götti Switzerland.