MASAHIRO MARUYAMA Celebrated its 10th Anniversary with New MM-0034

MASAHIROMARUYAMA, a highly acclaimed Japanese brand which creates evocative designs, celebrated its 10th anniversary with the new MM-034 (Limited edition of 115 pieces). This style is also the one that best expresses the brand concept: “unfinished art – finding beauty in the incomplete”. This style puts emphasis on the unfinished moulding, the harmonious asymmetric hand sketched lines and the eccentrically innovative arm. The left arm starts from the lower half of the front frame and stretches backwards, completely breaking the so-called “rules”. Moreover, this piece shows different expressions not only from the front but also from directions on the left, right and the back. Masahiro knocked down the “old” balance and reconstruct it with his own artistic approach.

The 10th anniversary model is a new look in clear charcoal matched with gold metal arm and tinted blue lenses, which is a new color match for the brand. Grab a pair if you can! Only 115 pieces are produced!  

Photo source (partial): PonMegane
Enquiry: Reddot Optic (HK)