Morel’s 1880 Collection Revisits Iconic Vintage Shades

The vintage trend is back, and Morel takes the wave to rework its iconic frames of the 60s. Combination frames influence this concept. Acetate slides over front rims and bridge, finishing a bit lower adding character to the frame; this is the Morel touch! A play on materials brings contrast and depth to the design. Temples are super thin, and the arm fits into a long acetate sleeve.

Our designer chooses only the best materials for Morel’s creations. In this concept, the high-definition acetate, selected for its lightness, is inside a stainless steel rim of the face. A nylon thread secures the whole frame.

Through this concept, Morel offers a bold feminine collection that draws inspiration from the glamour and fashion of the 60s. It includes all the essential ingredients of the vintage trend: oversized cat-eye shapes, warm transparent colors, and tinted lenses. Eyewear to see, and also to be seen!

The ever-creative designers of Morel have given the iconic models of the 1960s a fresh, modern look. The hyper trendy front is the result of a true technical feat where the lens is both protective and decorative. It extends beyond the acetate rims emphasizing the butterfly shape and using its transparency to its full potential in perfect harmony for an incredibly feminine result.