GUCCI’s Latest Sunglasses with Dangling Charms

GUCCI reiterates the power of sunglasses as the indispensable fashion accessories by its latest sunglasses styles with Charms. A selection of new styles with coloured lenses are completed with gold metal braided temples and decorative dangling charm details featuring the Interlocking G aceatate detail that can be removed, repositioned and replaced as the wearer wishes for a unique look.

This series is first launched locally by Puyi Optical in collaboration with Kering Eyewear. The launch introduces four new styles: GG0724S, GG0725S, GG0726S and GG0727S. Each model has three different colors to choose from. Priced at HK$5,610.

The first three of them are modern works created for women, expressing femininity. GG0727S is a unisex model which perfectly shows the rich and diverse neutral aesthetics of the brand.

GG0724S-003 – HK$5,610
GG0725S-002– HK$5,610
GG0726S-003 – HK$5,610
GG0727S-002 – HK$5,610

At exclusive, we can see there are another three international sunglasses styles with Interlocking G detail also in heart shape and square shape apart from the original round motif that is available locally.