MASUNAGA 2020SS Eyewear Collection

Japan’s iconic eyewear label MASUNAGA, pays tribute to the classic and timeless design. As time goes by, the brand’s mission of perfecting meticulous craftsmanship and creating long standing designs never fades, and we are seeing more designs with reinforcement on modern vibes, yet still classic interpretations. Scroll down to have a look at the brand’s latest 2020SS collection.

FULLER was named after Richard Buckminster Fuller, an American architect and visionary who is known for “geodesic dome.” FULLER is a stylish brow-line frame featuring a combination of an acetate brow part and a wide titanium rim. A three-dimensional shape on the bridge accentuates the whole shape.

The name came from the International Date Line and inspired by the lifestyle of business professionals traveling around the world. Front part is mainly constructed with 0.6mm l3-Titanium sheet. The rim-locks are integrated to the back of the bridge. A decorative bridge with light rim line accentuates the whole shape. The contrast between the ultra thin rim and the thick decorative bridge create a design accent.

FULLER (top) DATE LINE (bottom)

JULIET came from “Romeo and Juliet”, a play written by William Shakespeare. BILLIE was named after Billie Holiday, one of the greatest 20th century jazz singers. BILLIE and JULIET are two elegant frames designed in graceful lines like calligraphy. Available in enamel accented new colors, BILLIE and JULIET have subtle yet chic styling. Beautifully sculpted thin temples are made of Gum-Titanium, a highly elastic titanium alloy.

BILLIE (left) JULIET (right)

GMS Series
GMS series is designed based on 3 round frames presented to the Emperor of Japan when he visited our factory in 1933. It was recreated as “GMS-LIMITED” in 2005 and now the GMS series offer variety of styles.

While keeping a rich characteristic and its presence of acetate frames, GMS-18 is engineered to be thinner and lighter to provide the best comfort. Ultra-thin and lightweight frame is comfortable, and partly thicker front part maintains durability.

GMS-117 is a double-bar frame style and the bridge and the temples are designed with unique Titanium/ Acetate combination. Delicate milgrain detailing on the bridge and temples is created by MASUNAGA’ s highly skilled press technology.

GMS-118 is a stylish octagon shape exuding nostalgic feeling. The beautiful line expresses the elegance of the metal frame. The original series name [Gozaemon Masunaga Spectacle] is etched on the custom rim.

The all titanium GMS-200 is in a classical square shape. It features the beautifully shaped bridge.