tonysame: Art Of Stained Glass On Eyewear

tonysame is widely known for its outstanding design based on Japanese craftsmanship and expertise in ergonomics. In recent years, the brand has been trying to exert characteristic of Western countries and fusion of different culture, creating glasses in Parisian style by Japanese know-how. The latest offering of the brand features its own patented wire cut hinge which ensures the glasses to be light, flexible and durable, in addition, it involves meticulous stained glass details which present significant high level of innovation and craftsmanship.

The new collection belongs to Wire Cut Series, which are made of β titanium with patented wire cut hinge, ensuring the glasses to be light, flexible and durable, the wide rectangular outline with frosted surface, neat and fashionable. Referencing from the ancient European style of art, the frame design is based on the concept of the art of color and light from stained glass. The highlight of the glasses is on the upper rim. In total of 8 spaces are hollowed out to be infilled with epoxy resin reminiscent of stained glass. Producing each product takes 8 days, as the process of filling in epoxy resin has to be done one by one and each one takes a day to be fully solidified.


There are two Limited Edition models which are in champagne gold or rose gold, with an extra detail added at the temple tip. The temple tips are designed with beautiful blue and red mix of colors imitating the oil paint on the artist’s palette. Each of the editions is limited to 25 pairs.

TS-10672 Limited Edition
TS-10672 Limited Edition