Mix And Match! Light Up Dandy Look With The Right Pair Of Eyeglasses

Whenever we speak of suits, you would most probably relate the subject to notable English figures such as Sherlock Holmes or James Bond, since their three-piece-suits are deeply rooted in the streets of London. Although three-piece-suits have been constantly revisited and altered as time changes, they will always be the most timeless, classic representation of gentlemen fashion. If you are trying on suits for the first time, the posh and classy British style will be a perfect fit.

As spring arrives, a beige colored suit is definitely a good alternative to bold or flamboyant colours. Walking along busy streets with the sophisticated, classic British outfit is the best reinterpretation of modern elegance.

The Timeless British Gents

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MASUNAGA and Puiyi’s crossover series continues embedding the brand’s legacy of craftsmanship into their new collection. Using premium materials with a dark bronze palette, the collection exudes an aesthetic sense of simplicity. The frame is designed in a circular shape to cater all kinds of face shapes, with the MASUNAGA LOGO carved on the nose piece to exhibit an exquisite manner of taste. There is also a slightly curved design in-between the nose bridge, which does not only reiterate the brand’s finest techniques but merges both modern and vintage designs in a single frame. An alternative choice includes a 24K gold titanium with square-framed glasses, which embodies the same delicacy in terms of craftsmanship.

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ic! berlin x PUYI LUFTKUSS

The German brand ic! berlin has partnered with Puyi to launch their first exclusive collaboration. This brand-new collaboration is exclusively customized to Asians’ ergonomic fit, while using the iconic ic! berlin’s screwless design in pair with Germany’s functional and vintage style back in the 60s’ to 70s’ era. Adapting a large black pentagram frame to a very distinctive design over the nose piece, it serves as the perfect embellish for all facial features. Not to mention the blue photochromic lens and metallic purple temples greatly accentuates the boldness of the silhouette. This collection is made with 0.5mm steel sheet, combined with the signature screwless hinge design, it manifests the mastery skill of infusing vintage elegance to modern aesthetics. Lastly, the inner side of its temple is carved with the 1881 Heritage logo, which completes this groundbreaking masterpiece.

Smart Casual: Informal but Professional

While we are living with all the hustle and bustle in contemporary cities, the modern gent style has evolved along with it to become more lively and casual. Whether it is heading to work or going on a date, a smart casual suit will always come in handy. Some carefree, light accessories in-pair with a casual but neat suit does not only light up the look, but also act as a form of self-expression. It is perfect for anyone who is looking to adapt some gents’ style but unsure about how to handle the shift.

The spirit of a smart casual look is to strike a perfect balance between casual and formal wear, and create the ultimate outfit that is suitable across all occasions. In particular, colour and material combinations, along with design details are vital to keep ourselves focused everyday. The famous poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, once quoted, “There’s no workman, whatsoever he be, That may both work well and hastily.”

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The classic acetate half rim with cat-eye silhouette, with painted copper finish to the top of the frame , which adds a fine retouch to any face shapes, and amplifies the aura of elegance and sophistication.

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Linda Farrow LFL950C5

A double layer of 18 carat nickel-gold plated titanium sweeps around the lens, the collection has presented us with a three-dimensional visual sensation. In addition, the exposed lenses are engineered with industrial screw detailing, attaching themselves to the smooth temples to form a simplistic yet delicate frame. LFL950 is fitted with solid grey ZEISS technology lenses for optimum clarity and is finished with adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit.

Lead the Trend with Street Style

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist!” Apart from the classics and smart casuals, we are now introducing the mix-and-match style tailored for bold and innovative gents. Mix-and-match has been one of the most prominent ways to elevate your looks in recent years. While streetwear is no doubt the centre of attention across all fashion communities, gentlemen streetwear hence becomes inevitable when it comes to bringing out the most unique and trendsetting looks. Blazers nowadays are not only dressed with monotone shirts, but also with alternative choices like hoodies or floral shirts. Adding a pair of the hottest sneakers, glasses or sunglasses in the end can definitely smarten up the outfit with personality.

The first step to mastering gentlemen streetwear is to start with a monotone, oversized blazer, best suited with either coned or wide-legged pants, finished with eye-catching accessories. Whether it is your favourite bag or limited edition sneakers, they finesse the delicate details of your outfit.

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Gentle Monster TOM A02

The collection revisits vintage style with a round antique silver frame with gold embellishment. The vivid engravings with a Gentle Monster logo , along with the gold embellishment on temples, have sharpened the frame with fine details. The light titanium frame provides ultra comfortable for your everyday look. The inclusion of the “G” element in the chain also demonstrates the brand’s attention to decorations and unique tastes, while simultaneously utilizing traditional and paper-clipped forms, chained together in one spectacular design.

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ic! berlin x Mercedes Benz AMG01

The choice of a aviator frame demonstrates how casually stylish the collection strives to be. The grey square frame features a rubber double bridge highlighted by Mercedes Benz’s signature AMG grey colour accent and textured lines that evoke its front grille design. The steel-sheet and rubber combination temples are optimised for comfort and performance, and embellished with the AMG logo and a textured iconic Mercedes Benz star at the tips. Roadster brown gradient lenses by Zeiss offer enhanced clarity and performance in driving conditions, adding a final touch of refinement to this chic urban look.

Content by: Natalie And Roy