MARKUS T proudly presents: THE NEW EASE

For MARKUS T, less means a surplus of opportunities. The brand’s latest collection Ease presents 22 models, out of which 10 have optional titanium add-ons, or coloured TMi-flex contours. Thus, rimless eyewear becomes an entirely personal, boundlessly beautiful statement.

They are unique amongst rimless glasses: the gossamer, specially dyed titanium add-ons which can be attached easily to the connecting parts and fit interlocking. The TMi-flex contours – available in five selected colours and two widths (2.2mm and 4mm) – are another great option for easy customization. For people who are highly myopic, 4mm width can perfectly hide the thick lenses! The range is completed by two alternative temples. The EASE collection thus offers more than 20.000 possible combinations!