OCHIS Created Glasses Made From Coffee Waste

Every year, people are increasingly eager for an eco-friendly life. The things all around us are also becoming more ecological. Green conscious industries have already used various environmentally friendly materials to produce goods which have long been produced by outdated technology that harm the environment. What those green parties have done are for the purpose of promoting green ideas like plastic free and waste reduction.

A startup company called OCHIS from Ukraine has developed a new range called OCHIS Coffee – where glasses are made from coffee wastes which are mixed with flax and a biopolymer based on vegetable oil. They degrade 100 times faster than ordinary plastic glasses. If bring put in soil or water for a long time, they turn into natural fertilizer for new plants. They are totally natural and safe for the planet.

Maksym Havrylenko, the founder and CEO of OCHIS coffee grew up in a family of opticians and has been helping his parents to develop family business since he was 16. He literally knows everything about eyewear. He created a few websites to sell glasses before he created the first glasses repair service in Ukraine. When tens of thousands of glasses went over his hands, he realized the enormous plastic waste and the unimaginable disadvantages plastic glasses can pose to the globe.

He believed it’s necessary to develop alternative approach in making eco-friendly yet fashionable eyewear. He had a lot of experiments with materials like mint, parsley and cardamom and finally he found the right natural materials in coffee grounds.

You can smell a little bit freshly roasted coffee aroma from the frames. Perfect for coffee lovers who would like to try something new. Each frame is produced with 39 handwork operation and CNC cutter.

Lighter than ordinary plastic glasses and it’s highly flexible that you can adjust the temple and earpiece to fit your face shape. Additionally, the glasses are not afraid of water or human swear because they are saturated with a special water-resistant compound. 100% UVA & UVB filter and scratch resistant. Also, OCHIS Coffee offer an exclusive solid case which is made from coffee grounds as well, just as strong as the glasses appear. The glasses costs between USD89 and USD139.

Would you like to replace harmful plastic glasses with cool organic coffee ones? Remember, the fashion of future is conscientious fashion.