Make a Statement with Hexagonal Eyewear

Hexagonal shaped eyewear is believed to first appear in the 60’s. It is definitely not a style that everyone likes but it doesn’t go unnoticed ever since it’s born due to its somehow peculiar look. We noticed that this kind of style has been making an obvious comeback in these few years, not in a furious speed but it’s easy to spot. Since that eyewearers are more willing to embrace different uncommon shapes to elevate fashionable outfit, hexagonal shapes become a wise choice for the majority.

Not too exaggerated but good enough to make difference from the rest of others who wear ordinary glasses. Consisting of angular contour hexagonal eyewear can go a long way in strengthening stereoscopic impact, which makes it a good match for users with round faces. With the trend of hexagonal eyewear keep whirling, a variety of exciting version are constantly appearing, let’s take a look at different design from brands out there

Boston Club
Yohji Yamamoto
Issey Miyaki
Mr. Leight
Native Sons