SS19 New Offerings (3): Face à Face

FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from modern art, architecture and contemporary design. Every concept is a mastery of colours, exploring volumes and light; the expressive designs are far from standardized fashion and conformist trends, always in a league of its own.

In their new spring collection 2019 FACE A FACE take it a step further and explore transparency and the play with optical effects.  “Sometimes a detail is nearly invisible when transparent and other times it is highlighted when colourful,” explains Creative Director Pascal Jaulent and elaborates “The way light and colour intertwine is truly captivating.”

Enjoy the versatile expression of each concept, created by colours and light effects, which will change if you turn the frame just slightly. Surprising volumes and shapes emerge, only visible from one spot. Intriguing geometric elements – a triangle, a bar or a pattern – are suspended in levitation and turn the frames into elegant sculptures.

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