Things To Know About Eyewear: Round Glasses

A common association with round glasses is mannered scholar and pedant. Many people in the past dared not put on a pair of round glasses due to this kind of characterization. Despite the existence of this stereotype, round glasses is always there with the evolution of time. John Lennon, the soul of the legendary band Beatles, is known for his love to metal round glasses. Many leading singers such as Liam Gallagher, Boy George, and Elton John were found to fall for this style as well.

With the prevalence of nostalgic antiquity in these years, round frames have turned to a huge and powerful fashion accessories in the mass. Eyewear brand all over the world released design of round frame to respond to this boom. Today, the real fashion aficionados are comfortable and confident to wear a pair of standard round frame whatever material it is.

The origins of round glasses can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the society began to embrace the trend of glasses. However, due to technical limitations, lenses can only be cut into simple shapes. Therefore, glasses are mainly based on round frames. Until the 30s of the last century, the gold-filled round frame was still the most frequently worn style for eyewear wearers. Looking at the historical photographs, we can see that many Chinese literati of this era carried a pair of small and round glasses on their faces, such as Hu Shi, Xu Zimo, and Zhu Ziqing. This is why the associations with circle glasses and scholars and academics exists. Different styles of circle glasses can actually bring totally different feelings and do not necessarily have to be retro-styled. Metal round frame in small rim of course carries a nostalgic feel, which is the best match for preppy style or vintage look. Round glasses, if added in different colors, materials and forms, can be distinctive, fun, stylish, which has nothing to do with the retro side.