Peter Biller, a famous German designer who has more than 30 years experience of design eyewear and watches. His design over different popular brands, such as MCM, Chronoswiss, Tristano Onofri etc. In 2017, Peter Biller inspired by his German stainless steel watch Insignum, to develop a newly eyewear brand “M+iN”. The main concept of M+iN is “modern design and technology with experienced skill”

    M+IN由從事眼鏡設計多達30年的德國著名眼鏡教父Peter Biller主理。以其手錶品牌Insigum作為設計靈感,以手錶鋼帶的精雕概念融入鉸鏈設計當中,配合多種拼花技術打造鏡框,輕鬆打造時尚獨特的風格。