從生產到產品,MARKUS T 都散發出道地、真實、獨特的氛圍。簡約的設計,強調穿戴者的個性,而非改變他們的外貌。MARKUS T 使用的材料包括功能性和獨特的TMi合成材料和鈦金屬。TMi 是一種專為 MARKUS T 研發和專利的合成材料,集合了看似矛盾的兩種性質。它堅韌、不易變形,同時極輕盈。

    Authentic, genuine, unique – manufacture and product alike: MARKUS T design and produce light and durable glasses, their pure design underlining the look of the wearer without turning them into someone else. MARKUS T works with functional and exclusive materials: TMi and titanium. TMi is a synthetic developed and patented just for MARKUS T that unites two seemingly contradictory properties. It is tough, retains its shape and at the same time is extremely light.