The DITA-Lancier collection is a celebration of the unrivaled athletes who push the limits of speed and endurance in the most technologically advanced and competitively compelling arenas in sport. Utilizing advanced lens technology designed for everyday use in the Land, Sea, and Air environments, the DITA-Lancier Polyurethane lens is a much superior lens in all aspects of clarity, weight, refractive Index, scratch resistance and impact resistance.

    Contrasts red, green and yellows. Features custom polarization efficiency that does not interfere with the clarity of LCD screen.

    Contrasts reds and skin tones from blue backgrounds of the ocean and sky. Maximum polarization to reduce the glare of the ocean and water environments.

    Contrast reds from the blue and green backgrounds from skylines. No polarization for maximum contrast and depth perception in all light conditions.

    DITA-Lancier系列的設計靈感來自於致力突破速度和耐力極限的運動員之獨特風格,其利用先進鏡片技術,打造出一系列針對海、陸、空環境下日常使用的眼鏡。DITA Lancier鏡片結合了聚碳酸酯的輕巧及耐衝擊性,和近乎玻璃般的清晰度與耐刮性,其又因應海、陸、空不同環境,而設有專門之色彩來增強視覺效果、大幅減低眩光,從而達至最大的視覺精準度。