The 2nd Edition of SILMO Singapore Will Open on April 24-26! Check Out The Highlights of SILMO TALKS and TRENDS FORUM

SILMO Singapore was held for the first time in April last year. It is the only international eyewear exhibition in Southeast Asia and provides an excellent opportunity for overseas brands to enter the Southeast Asian market. SILMO Singapore not only brings the iconic vibrant yellow of SILMO to the Lion City but also perfectly replicates SILMO’s core spirit of emphasizing fashion trends and sharing of experiences. The upcoming SILMO Singapore, which will open in two weeks (April 24-26), will continue to showcase a wide range of exhibits and information. One particular highlight to look out for is the SILMO TALKS, which will take place over three consecutive days. One of the popular topics is ” How Technologies Will Shape the New Decade in Eyewear,” exploring the changes that the emergence of smart eyewear, new uses, innovative applications, and the integration of artificial intelligence will bring to the eyewear industry by 2035. The speaker for this talk is French eyewear designer Sebastien Brusset, who will lead the audience in boldly imagining the future ten years from now.

Similar to SILMO Paris, the TRENDS FORUM that reveals eyewear trends is also an unmissable highlight. This year’s SILMO Singapore will unveil three captivating themes, each boasting its own array of must-have eyewear selections, igniting inspiration and setting trends ablaze.

Maximalist or minimalist, eyewear features round, square or hexagonal shapes that reassure with their precise volume and formal lines.

Transparent, bold, blended or shaded, colours offer a variety of harmonious palettes, chosen with the talent of an artist.

Eyewear manufacturers remain attached to acetate and metal but are using more and more sophisticated combinations to demonstrate their inventiveness.

Useful Info –

Event Dates
24-26 April 2024
Opening Hours
24-25 April : 9am to 6pm
26 April: 9am to 5pm
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 4, 1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039593