The 36th International Optical Fair Tokyo (iOFT) – A New Addition to Fashion World Tokyo

FASHION WORLD TOKYO (FaW TOKYO), a biannual event, is about to kick off its autumn exhibition from October 10th to 12th. With a fresh concept, broader international influence, and a higher number of exhibitors returning, the event gathers corporate brands from around the world to showcase their latest products, including eyewear, clothing, accessories, fabrics, and more. The exhibition features a total of eight specialized shows, introducing new concepts that cover fashion health products, digital technology, and even the International Optical Fair Tokyo (iOFT), which is familiar to eyewear enthusiasts, fully demonstrating the inseparable relationship between “eyewear” and “fashion.” Below, we will introduce the eight major exhibition zones of this global fashion trade platform.

Highlighted Zone: the 36th International Optical Fair Tokyo (iOFT)
New additions to FaW include the 36th International Optical Fair Tokyo (iOFT), Japan’s largest optical trade show featuring fresh and modern eyewear, sunglasses, and eyewear accessories. It will show meticulously crafted products from Japanese artisans and introduce new eyewear brands from across the globe. Several new eyewear brands standout, such as ROSIE ALLAN from Australia, which offers a carefully curated collection of eyewear emphasizing lightweight comfort and durability for everyday use; DITA Lancier, founded in Los Angeles in 1995, introduces a unique concept of ‘the one and only’ and plans to unveil a new collection in 2023.

The WELLNESS FASHION EXPO, a new show that will serve as the main marketplace for products specializing in health, beauty, athleisure & sports, and highly functional clothing.

One of the high traffic shows within FaW TOKYO is the BRANDS & DESIGNERS EXPO, where international fashion brands of fashion goods such as apparel, bags, shoes, fashion jewellery, and fashion accessories come together. Among the international exhibitors that can be seen on the show floor are brands from Peru, offering alpaca cashmere products; South Africa, showcasing unique leather goods designs; Mongolia, presenting high-quality wool and cashmere apparel products; and the Netherlands, featuring products with playful spirit and original patterns in traditional Delft blue. These countries will showcase a collection of brands within their pavilions, along with the Jakarta Pavilion, India Pavilion, Bangladesh Pavilion, and Korea Pavilion.

Other Zones
Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore Japanese design, quality, technique, and technology created by authentic Japanese artisans at JAPAN FASHION EXPO, various textiles and fabrics at TEXTILE EXPO, affordable and high-quality fashion items for OEM/ODM at FASHION SOURCING EXPO, and IT services and digital solutions for the fashion industry at FASHION DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EXPO. With sustainability taking center stage at the event, SUSTAINABLE FASHION EXPO garners attention from visitors seeking ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly products.

This year’s show features an expanded exhibitor base, with 400 more companies participating compared to the previous year. It solidifies FaW TOKYO’s status as an Asian hub exhibition, bridging the gap between global brands and fabric and sewing manufacturing factories in Asia.

The event attracts over 27,000 buyers from around the world, making it the prime destination for sourcing brands, fabrics, materials, and fashion services. Its diverse exhibitor base ranges from sustainable brands in Paris to innovative zero-waste materials.

FaW TOKYO Autumn edition will be an ideal platform to explore sustainable fashion, wellness products, and eyewear innovations from across the world. Don’t miss the chance to witness this dynamic showcase of style and innovation. Join thousands of professionals and enthusiasts and be a part of the future of fashion. For more information and to register, visit FaW TOKYO’s official website, at