DESIGNSHOWER – Unique Handcrafted Eyewear From South Korea | Life is Art

Eyewear is not just a functional item, it is also a fashion accessory and can even be considered a carrier of art. The Korean design studio, DESIGNSHOWER, advocates the philosophy that “Life is Art” and creates eyewear styles that are structurally, visually, and chromatically distinct from ordinary “glasses.” DESIGNSHOWER was founded by ZONEFEEL KIM, one of the first eyewear designers in Korea who began designing glasses in 1996. He has always believed that glasses are the best items for self-expression. Over the years, he has continued to explore the essence of eyewear and eventually started crafting them himself, using an artistic approach to create lines with tension and rich color elements, and personally turning his designs into physical products. He handles all the processes himself, including cutting, polishing, and assembling, and each pair of glasses is unique. He can also adjust the size and color according to customers’ request, reflecting the variability of handcrafted products.

Photo: designshower_atelier

DESIGNSHOWER 所造的手工眼鏡表面都帶有一種粗糙的感覺,但就是這種沒有經過太多修飾的原始觸感成為了 DESIGNSHOWER 的一大特色。此外,品牌所設計的鼻橋有許多不一樣的形狀,獨特又有趣,彰顯眼鏡與眾不同的調性,也能順理成章的突出佩戴者獨到的品味和風格。

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